When I was a kid I loved to draw (like so many other kids). My favorite thing to draw was Garfield — I could draw him anywhere at any time with pretty much any vaguely artistic supplies. I always got rave reviews for my drawings, and with ongoing encouragement from family and friends I ended up going to college to get a K-12 art education degree.

Then I moved to another state, and life got a little crazy. I somehow got interested in the web, got a second degree in software engineering, and spent over ten years focusing on tech. After that long though, I started missing my artistic life. I transitioned my career into UX design and decided to focus my personal energy on getting my art skills back to where they were ten years previous. I joined the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and met some incredible people who are very supportive and encouraging.

After several years of practice to get back up to speed, I’ve created a lot of work that I’m pretty proud of, including a whole new world in 8 League Adventures, which is a story about a team of octopuses (and a growing cast of other characters) who are exploring the world (and beyond!) in an airship. I'm on a mission to make children's illustrations and licensing collections for the unconventional kid in all of us.

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